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Norbar Australia

Norbar Australia offer the most accurate and reliable torque tools and services on the market. Manufactured in state-of-the-art factory facilities in the United Kingdom, Norbar Torque Tools push the boundaries of innovation to deliver cutting edge, precision tools designed to last the test of time.

Norbar Australia have offices located around Australia and New Zealand, including a NATA accredited laboratory in Adelaide to ensure maximum calibration traceability.

A Rich History

Established in Banbury, UK, in 1942 Norbar were the first tool company in Britain to commercially manufacture a torque wrench. At this time, the company’s torque wrenches were widely used by the British Air Force to accurately tighten the cylinder heads of the legendary Rolls Royce Merlin engines that powered iconic World War 2 Two fighter planes including the Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster.

It was not until 1964, when British speedster Donald Campbell travelled to Lake Eyre in South Australia to set a new land-speed record that Norbar torque wrenches first made their way down under. There, Donald Campbell met David Wall, an Adelaide based engineering supplier, who was so impressed with the team’s equipment that he introduced it to the Australian market very shortly after.

In 2017, Norbar Torque Tools was acquired by Snap-on.

Norbar Sales Team

Meet the Team

Norbar operates on the passion and enthusiasm of our team, with in-house technical, engineering, product and operational specialists.

Matt Packer

Managing Director

Elaine Chew

Financial Controller (SA)

Rob Bruce

National Sales Manager / Regional Manager Eastern (Brisbane)

Nick Wake

Key Accounts Manager / Regional Manager Western (SA)

Andrew Cowie

Service Operations Manager (SA)

Isaac Hutchins

Engineer (SA)

Clayton Tindale

Engineer (WA)

Trevor Robinson

Norbar Technical Services Manager

Grant Feddersen

Norbar Technical Services Lead (QLD)

Daniel Crosby

Warehouse Coordinator

Michael Kelly


Clinton De Blasio

Systems Accountant

Kerryn Owen

HR Manager

Liam Mulvaney

Torque Bolting Specialist (Mackay)

Pauli Eronen

Torque Bolting Specialist (Brisbane / NZ)

Jeff Rosenberg

Torque Bolting Specialist (Brisbane / NT)

Daniel Wake

Torque Bolting Specialist (SA)

Edmund Cueno

Torque Bolting Specialist (NSW)

Brendan Widdows

Torque Bolting Specialist / Site Manager (WA)

Alex Grayson

Torque Bolting Specialist (WA)

Peter Steszewski

Torque Bolting Specialist (WA)

Garry Silver

Torque Bolting Specialist (VIC / TAS)

Damien Clarke

Workshop/Admin (NZ)

Andy Willis

Lab (SA)

Joel Gray

Senior Technical Officer (Mackay)

Michelle McKerrow

Customer Service Team Leader

Nathan Hannam

Lab Technician

Mike Fellows-Smith

Workshop Technician (Brisbane)

Owen McKenzie

Workshop Technician (SA)

Stuart Dunham

Workshop Technician (WA)

Clayton Tindale

Workshop Technician (WA)

Anna Donaldson

Marketing Coordinator

Tameka Inglis

Customer Service Coordinator (Mackay)

Symone Tschulik

Customer Service Coordinator (Brisbane)

Emma Phillips

Customer Service Coordinator (WA)

Cassia Green

Norbar Technical Services Administrator (WA)

Robyn Baker

Accounts Officer

Warren Hutchins

Store Person (SA)

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