B3S EziJac Bolt Tensioner

The B3S EziJac is a modular style Hydraulic Bolt Tensioner purposely designed to allow multiple adaptor kits to be interchanged with the one load cell.

If you are looking to reduce maintenance downtime while maintaining a high standard of reliable and precise tensioning, consider the B3S series of EziJac Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners.

The B3S Series EziJac uses hydraulic air pressure to tension the bolt to the exact load required. Once the required tension has been achieved and the standard nut now carries the load the EziJac is depressurized, its built in spring return mechanism automatically resetting the tool for use in the next application.

Tool Features:

  • Stroke indicator
  • Long Stroke
  • Spring return piston
  • Interchangeable Adaptor Kits
  • Leak-free Lo-friction seals
  • Nitrided Components to increase the tool life
  • Optional second port
  • Quality assured

Benefits include:

  • Reduced assembly time for critical jointing applications
  • Multi-point tensioning for even gasket compression
  • Reduced labour input
  • Improved safety on the job
  • User friendly – fast and easy to fit and remove
  • Spring return models for automatic retraction


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