Norbar Case Study

Belly Dumpers

The current issues

Norbar Australia was approached by a major player in the rail industry to assess and make recommendations on how to better their practices for opening the trap doors on belly dumpers carrying gypsum ready for processing and to ship offshore.

A major element of this task is that the train is continuously moving, meaning there is a small window to get each door open in time for the sand to fall onto the conveyor belt below.

If a carriage is missed, the carriage has to be removed from the line causing significant unexpected downtime and delay to the train’s schedule. The torque guns being used were regularly failing and requiring repair causing inconvenient downtime and money spent on repairs.

Norbar was able to assess their process and recommend some alternative practices.

The previous method used by the client:

There is a 2” square fitting on each wagon that is actuated using a pt9 manual two speed torque gun, this is actuated until the door gives way and then are closed with a secondary torque gun. Torque requirements to open some of these doors can exceed 9500Nm. 

Products recommended by Norbar:

  • Norbar PT9 Manual Two-Speed
  • Custom reaction arm with thicker block to square up reaction
  • 2710-9500 Nm
  • Adjust air pressure to suit PT9 capacity
  • Increase diameter of pneumatic hose to increase volume and therefore output of the tool

Torque value required: 2710 – 9500Nm

ultrasonic measurement
technology to improve
tensioning accuracy
ultrasonic measurement
technology to improve
tensioning accuracy

General features and benefits of the product:

  • A variety of reaction styles are available for maximum versatility.
  • Electronic torque transducers can be fitted for precise torque monitoring.
  • Forward and reverse operation.
  • Low operator fatigue -quiet, non- impacting, or pulsing.
  • Repeatability of ± 5 %

Benefits for the client:

Brought the reaction point back inline, dropped the air pressure, recommended a wider diameter hose resulting in less tool failures meaning less down time, and reduced the spend on repairs significantly.

Less failures insures a carriage is never missed, and therefore keeping up with shipments needing to be processed.

The Outcome

  • Decreased failure rates meaning reduced cost of repairs and increase productivity.
  • Ongoing development of custom gearbox to keep up with torque and time restraints of application.

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