Norbar Case Study



Multiple businesses (powertrain components & Byrnecut to name a few) from across the country have engaged Norbar to produce a solution to bolting issues encountered when fastening breakpacks on MT6020 articulated dump trucks.

Issues encountered are as follows:

  • Lack of a reaction surface – due to space constraints coupled with protection required to avoid damaging the drive axle.
  • Labour intensive – historically, the common method for torquing break pack bolts was hand torque wrench, which is slow and requires substantial amounts of manual handling.

The previous method used by the client:

The break packs on the Atlas Copco MT6020 dump truck are quite problematic when it come to the application of torque to the M24 cap head bolts that hold the brake assembly together.

Although the required torque is low at 1100nm the customer wanted to get away from the use of hand torque wrenches and the associated manual handling issues they present. However, due to the lack of a reaction point we had to get creative.

Products recommended by Norbar:

SPL833 & SPL838

SPL extension - Norbar working for Byrnecut

Pictured: SPL Extension

General features and benefits of the product:

  • Manufactured reaction point ensures both Axel and break packs are protected, while Torque is delivered more accurately.
  • Productivity improved markedly due to reduction in manual handling.

Benefits for the client:

  • Drastic reduction in installation/removal time.
  • Reduced risk of manual handling related injuries.
  • More accurately tensioned, easily tensioned.

The Outcome:

The customer is extremely happy with the solution provided. If you’d like to learn how Norbar can help your business in the mining and refining industry, click the button below:

Pictured: SPL Ring

SPL extension - Norbar working for Byrnecut

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