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“Let us be a part of your continuous improvement strategy!”

If you have ever experienced bolting failures such as broken bolts, bolt fatigue, bolt elongation, you understand that such occurrence can result in the need for unscheduled maintenance.  the costs associated with these unplanned failures can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars very quickly. Our team of experienced technicians can work with you on a number of bolting solutions to increase reliability and ultimately improve uptime.

Project Management
Design and Planning of Bolted Solutions

Supervision of Critical Bolting Application
Critical Review of Bolting Issues
Fastener Tensioning Procedures
Fastener Failure Analysis
Assembly Techniques
Manufacturing, Planning and Quality Control
Bolting Process Improvement
Verification of Bolting Practices


Lift the competence of your maintenance crews with our tailored training packages.

Occupational Health and Safety Operation Package
Tool Operation and Maintenance Training
On-site Training/In-house Training
Tailored Packages