Norbar Case Study

CS-32 Quarry/Mining: Kalgoorlie WA Quarry – Technofast Case Study



Kalgoorlie WA Quarry


Original Set-Up

Standard mantle nut supplied with machine which was tightened with large flogging spanner and removal was by oxy cutting the burn ring below the nut to release the pressure


Issues Experienced

  • No Control of bolt load
  • Use of large hammers and flogging spanner dangerous
  • Cutting of burn ring is hazardous & requires replacement after each use
  • Physically demanding

Installation Time

Old Method = 4-5 hours + (2-3 personnel)
New Method = 1 h 30 minutes (2 personnel)

Time Saving = 4+ hours



Metso HP4 Crusher EziTite Head Nut


Technofast Product Used

Special EziTite® Hydraulic Head Nut


Benefits Experienced

  • Easy installation and handling
  • Removed the need for flogging spanner
  • Burn ring still used for better seating and a extra back up removal
  • Sacrificial cover made more robust for extra life
  • Minimal physical effort required

Feedback Recieved

“The use of the EziTite® Head Nut has made the job a lot easier labour wise, faster and also has eliminated any OH&S concerns by getting away from flogging spanners, welding and burning.”
– Maintenance Supervisor

Application Pictures

EziTite® Hydraulic Head Nut installed

Sacrificial cover installed and the unit is now ready for service.

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