Norbar Case Study

CS-34 Quarry/Mining: Cadia Gold Mine – Technofast Case Study



Cadia Gold Mine


Original Set-Up

Standard mantle nut supplied with machine is installed using a hydraulic jacking hammer and removal was by oxy cutting the burn ring below the nut to release the pressure.


Issues Experienced

  • Inaccurate measurement of required bolt load
  • Use of large jacking hammers and flogging spanner dangerous
  • Cutting of burn ring is hazardous & requires replacement after each use
  • Physically demanding

Installation Time

Old Method = 4-5 hours + (5-6 personnel)
New Method = 45 minutes-1 hour (2-3 personnel)

Time Saving = 4+ hours



Metso HP4 Crusher EziTite Head Nut


Technofast Product Used

Special EziTite® Hydraulic Head Nut


Benefits Experienced

  • Easy installation and handling
  • Removed the need for jacking hammers & flogging spanner
  • Burn ring still used for better seating and a extra back up removal
  • Bolt load achieved using hydraulic pressure from a pump
  • Sacrificial outer cover made to protect the unit
  • Minimal physical effort required

Feedback Recieved

“The EziTite® Head Nut has made the job a lot easier labour wise, faster and also has eliminated any OH&S concerns by getting away from our jacking ram to install. Using a hydraulic pump to achieve the load is also a no brainer.”
– Maintenance Supervisor

Application Pictures

Installation of EziTite® Hydraulic Head Nut before sacrificial cover

Installation of EziTite® Hydraulic Head Nut before sacrificial cover.

Head Nut installed and the unit is now ready for service.

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