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Do’s and don’t’s of keeping torque tools accurate

November 26, 2021

Torque tools are precision instruments and need to be treated as such to maintain their accuracy. If they are kept well, used correctly and calibrated every 12 months (or 5,000 cycles) there shouldn’t be any problem…but that’s unfortunately not always the case.

If you have purchased good quality torque tools keeping them accurate doesn’t require a lot of effort, just follow these rules:

Do’s of keeping torque tools accurate


Keep your torque tool in its case when you’re not using it


Remove any dust from your torque tools after use


Make sure to get your torque equipment calibrated every 12 months


Keep your torque equipment dry

Don’t’s of keeping torque tools accurate


Never throw or slide your torque tools. Yes, it’s convenient, but it has the same effect as a scientist throwing a microscope across the room


Don’t cover your torque equipment with other tools, or workshop junk


Never use your torque wrenches as a hammer. Sure it’s long, heavy and made of metal, but this is easily the number one cause of expensive torque wrench damage. Plus, a hammer works much better


Don’t use torque equipment for applications it isn’t designed for

Should I unwind the spring on my torque wrench?

No! We have conclusively proven that torque equipment will not maintain accuracy longer when the spring is unwound after use. This is a myth – there is no need to wind the tool back after use. How this came about we don’t know, but we’re happy to put this one to bed. That being said, if it makes you feel better then go for it – we’re all for looking after our torque tools.

Does torque tool accuracy matter to you?
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