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Norbar’s EvoTorque Battery Tool (EBT) is the more accurate alternative to a DB-RAD gun

November 17, 2021
EvoTorque Battery Tool (EBT)

Are all Torque Tools RAD guns?

No. RAD are a manufacturer of torque equipment. The name RAD gun has become associated with the shape of the tool, but this is standard design across most manufacturers.

Is the RAD gun unique in the market?

No. It’s a torque tool with a cool name – we’ll give them that – but when it comes to performance, it’s accuracy lags behind Norbar’s EvoTorque Battery Tool.

Is there an alternative to the RAD gun?

Yes. Norbar’s EvoTorque Battery Tool offers unique features that improve usability, comfort and, above all, accuracy.

What’s in a name?

Norbar’s EvoTorque Battery Tool range completely outperforms the DB-RAD gun in all areas that matter – except maybe the catchy name. But when you’re on-site looking for extremely reliable accuracy, that’s the one feature you can afford to leave behind.

Comparing the accuracy of EBT to DB-RAD.

Norbar’s EBT comes with an in-built transducer, which accurately measures torque to within +/- 3%, compared to the DB-RAD gun’s voltage regulator, which can only keep accurate to within +/- 5%.

When you’re dealing with critical applications, that additional 2% accuracy means a lot in terms of safety and efficiency.

Comparing the data capture of EBT to DB-RAD.

EBT comes supplied as standard with complimentary PC software “EvoLog” for data management and tool configuration, which can be interfaced with third party software. This gives you the ability to automatically produce, store and log usage so you can accurately check exactly what bolt has been tightened to what scope.

Comparing Intelligent Joint Sensing to DB-RAD.

Norbar’s EBT is the only torque tool on the market with unique ‘intelligent joint sensing ‘ technology. This continually measures the joint during tightening to consistently achieve accuracy of +/-3% by automatically slowing at 80% so you don’t overshoot. Without this, your accuracy is driven by guesswork.

Comparing the adaptability of EBT to DB-RAD.

Norbar have the most comprehensive range of torque tools and equipment on the market. If we don’t already have a design from our decades of designing that meets your specific challenge, our team of engineers will design one from scratch – no problems.

Comparing the Thermal Durability of EBT to DB-RAD.

Norbar’s EBT has been designed for exceptional thermal durability. A slight additional weight coupled with a powerful 18V motor and either a single speed or auto two speed gearbox for rapid joint completion times, results in less chance of overheating and expensive tool damage.

Comparing the noise of EBT to DB-RAD.

In a loud work environment, an extra +10% of noise coming from your tool can make a measurable difference on the safety of your team. Norbar’s EBT reduces noise to only 72 Dba compared to the DB-RAD gun’s 80Dba.

Looking for the most accurate torque tools on the market? You’ve found them.