Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have powered multipliers in your range?

Yes, we do have several powered multipliers to suit different applications. You can view our whole range of powered multipliers here.

Where are Norbar tools manufactured?

Norbar products are manufactured in our state-of-the art torque wrench dedicated facility in Banbury, England, equipped with ISO 9001 certification. Been around since 1943 and we’ve kept innovating our facilities.

Can I buy direct from you?

Yes, and we also have a number of distributors – Blackwoods and Total Tools being our largest.

Do you stock a RAD gun?

Well, yes and no. Fun fact is that it’s actually called a powered multiplier and while we do not stock the RAD version of it, we do stock the Norbar equivalent range PTS and EBT. We’ve been told ours is quieter, more robust, has less gearbox failures and is cheaper to service and repair. You be the judge.

Do you have tools for hire?

Yes we do. Simply email us at or call +61 (08) 8292 9777 and let us know what you’re after.

Calibration, Service & Repairs

How often should I have my Torque Multiplier recalibrated?

The standard recommendation is that customers recalibrate their Torque Multiplier at least once a year (or 5,000 cycles), and more frequently if used for critical fasteners.

What is NTS?

NTS is short for Norbar Technical Services, and forms part of Norbar’s service to its customers, consisting of a team of onsite service & support technicians available through our Norbar network.

How does regular scheduled maintenance and servicing help save me money?

Regular servicing helps prevent bolting failures, eliminating the need for planned/unplanned shutdowns which saves a lot of money when considering down time.

Do you do NATA-certified calibrations?

Yes, we do. In fact, we’re one of only a few NATA approved facilities in the country.

Why do I need NATA certification?

Whilst not all sites require their tooling to be NATA certified, for auditing purposes, NATA certification is always recommended, to build your organisation’s credibility and give your customers greater confidence.

Can my NATA calibration be completed on the same day?

In order to comply with ISO standards the test equipment must sit for 8 hours in the lab to stabilise to the lab temperature, before we can calibrate. So a one day turnaround is not possible.

Can you calibrate other brand wrenches?

Yes, we certainly can.

What standards are used to complete the NATA calibrations?

We use ISO 6789:2017 Part 1 & Part 2, and a certification document will be provided to you.

Do you need to order parts in before you can conduct repairs? How long will that take?

Our customers are always delighted to know that we hold all Norbar spare parts in all of our workshops, so we never have to wait for parts. This means a faster turnaround time than the industry average.


Are you able to provide product training when purchasing a Norbar product?

Yes, ongoing support can be provided to the operator to ensure that tools are used safely and efficiently.

Do you offer onsite product training?

Yes, all Norbar torque bolting specialist staff offer a high standard of Norbar Product training, from onsite demo’s to onsite staff training.

Can you develop a bespoke training package to meet our needs?

Yes, email or call us at +61 (08) 8292 9777 and let us know your requirements.

Does torque tool accuracy matter to you?
Call the Norbar team on +61 (08) 8292 9777