Norbar Case Study

FastLock Quick Wellhead Connector

Improve connection reliability and decrease well head installation time

The fastlock system uses a simpleGrip weldless surface casing connection system leverages a unique slip connection technology to simplify well head installation without the need for special tooling. An alternative to slip-on weld connections, the system eliminates welding and hot work activities at the wellsite.

Slip segments are positioned in the lowest section of the casinghead. When torque is applied through the energizing screws, the slip segments retain the casing in the casinghead. This strong structural bond creates a reliable connection. Torque has been applied by using a pnumatic torque tool.

PTS multiplier & ETO reaction arms – Overview:

Norbar was approached to facilitate a safe and effective way of tightening the FastLock offshore
and onshore as it is being done by hand with a large torque wrench and a more efficient and
practical way needs to be done.

Issues Associated with Previous Method:

The method previously employed to tighten FastLock was labour-intensive, creating many issues and risks for the business. Two of the main issues included:

  • Different sizes: Different sizes needed different tooling complicated by reacting off a circular design when using hydraulic tools.
  • OH&S Concerns: Tightening FastLock onshore and offshore is difficult using
    torque wrenches, this has potential to cause injuries.
Grinding Mills Structural Bolts

Products recommended by Norbar:

  • PTS Torque Multiplier
  • SRA-92-100-300
  • SPL763.A01 reaction arms engineered to order (ETO)

Torque Value Required

400-4000 Nm (295-2950 lbf.ft)

General features and benefits of products:

  • ETO reaction arms are designed for different placements due to different circumferences on different size fastocks
  • Safe, quick and reliable.
  • The PTS tool is pneumatic and allows for different socket sizes instead of dedicated hydraulic cassettes.
  • Easy handling and transport between platforms.


  • One tool capable of doing many sizes fastlocks.
  • Safety, elimination of manual handling of large torque wrenches.
  • Portability of tooling.
  • Duplication of process from onshore to offshore.
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Norbar first attempt:

Best Solution

The Outcome:

  • Reduced time.
  • Reduced risk of slip and stain injury.
  • The tool is now more accurate.
  • Saved customer money over time.

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