Norbar Case Study

HT3 Multiplier and ETO Reaction Arm for Qantas

Reduce the physical strain & time required to undo Qantas’ Boeing 787-wheel nuts.


Norbar was approached by Qantas to provide a reliable and safe solution to reduce the physical strain and time required to undo their Boeing 787-wheel nuts.

Norbar were then able to recommend a HT3-1000 Torque multiplier together with a ETO reaction plate that reduced their labour costs, thus increased efficiency and minimised the risk of any site injury.

Products Recommended by Norbar:

HT3-1000 Torque Multiplier and ETO reaction plate.

General features and benefits of products:

  • ETO reaction plate is designed specifically for the application of the Boeing 787 wheel.
  • Accurate, Efficient & Safe.
  • The Norbar HT3-1000 Torque multiplier is a 5:1 ratio manual Torque multiplier, allowing operators to move freely without any bulky air or hydraulic attachments, generators or power packs.
  • The HT3-1000 Norbar Torque multiplier has an accuracy of +/- 4%.

The HandTorque® HT3-1000 has been designed for use where it is necessary to provide higher torques than would otherwise be possible due to limitations of space or operator strength. Input to the multiplier is via a ratchet torque wrench set to one-fifth of the desired output torque.

Benefits for the Aerospace industry

  • Reduced manpower to crack the Boeing 787-wheel nuts.
  • Reduced stress on the operators, whilst using the Norbar HT3-1000 Torque multiplier & ETO reaction plate.
  • Accurate & Efficient, which reduces labour & site costs.
Qantas & Norbar - ETO reaction plate

Image: HT3-1000 Torque Multiplier

HT3-1000 Quick Facts

Ratio: 5:1
Square Drive In: 1/2″
Square Drive Out: 3/4″
N·m Range: 100-1000
lbf·ft Range: 73.8-738

The Outcome: The implemented solution provides the following results:

Reduced Time

Previous operating down time was 6 hours every fortnight per application, reduced to half an hour per application.

Improved Safety

Reduce risk of slip & stain injury.

Accuracy Icon

Improved Accuracy

The tool is now 2% more accurate.

Save Money Icon

Saved Customer Money

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