Industrial 2R & 2AR

Industrial 2R and 2AR Torque Wrenches

We are pleased and excited to announce the launch of the new Industrial 2R and 2AR torque wrenches.

These are all-new products inspired by the enduring, ever popular, larger Industrial range from the 3AR to the 6R. The 2R and 2AR are robust and incredibly simple to use.

Their design offers a unique profiled cam and reaction plate, providing a much clearer torque ‘break point’. For the operator, this means that the possibility of over-torqueing has been reduced dramatically in comparison to traditional clicker torque wrenches, optimising performance and precision in any task.

The unmistakeable torque signal that the break-back provides, means that the wrench can be safely used in noisy environments where the audible ‘click’ signal of other wrenches may be missed.

These robustly constructed Industrial 2R and 2AR torque wrenches are accurate to within ±4% of set torque, even in arduous conditions and have further features which include:

• Push-through ratchet for torqueing in two directions
• Integral pull-out adjustment bar so no additional torque setting tool is required
• Easy to read scale protected from dust, dirt and spray
• Sturdy padded fabric bag with shoulder strap for storage and transporting the tool and helping to keep the tool, instructions and calibration certificate together.

Specs for the 2R & 2AR Tool