Accuracy you can rely on. Anywhere.

All across the world, operations that demand safety, speed and accuracy rely on Norbar tools to protect their team and assets. From the harshest off-shore environments, to the most intricate projects, Norbar deliver where others fail, meeting four key promises you won’t find anywhere else:


Safety above industry standards.

We make the safest tools on the market, with our professional wrenches guaranteed to always be at least 25% more accurate than industry standard.


Data backed solutions.

Our tools come with in-built data capture, reporting and Bluetooth transfer so you know you’re compliant, in real-time.


The widest range.

Our tools cover every size requirement, from 0.1 N·m dental implants to 350k N·m ship propellers and custom requirements.


On-site accuracy.

We provide testing, consultancy and training from expert technicians to make sure every tool we supply is working for your team.

Torque Tools for Mining Industry

Mining & Refining

The biggest names across the world trust our tools to help minimise unscheduled shutdowns, shorten scheduled shutdowns and improve safety across all aspects of their operations. Engineered for excellence both above and below ground, the accuracy of our tools contribute to the ongoing profitability of your operation, from securing the excavators breaking ground, to supporting the rail of final products off-site.

Torque Tools for Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & Gas

We’re pioneers in the field of lightweight torque tools, gearboxes and transducers, specially designed to withstand the rigours of harsh environment, offshore and subsea use, and meet the increasing demands Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) operators. We’ve already made a name for ourselves delivering in the harshest environments on land, like refineries, pipelines and oil and gas installations – now we’re doing the same off it too.

Torque Tools for Transport Industry


Accuracy matters in the transport industry – from accurately bolted assemblies from the wheel nuts on a family car to the track and point bolts on a railway line – accuracy means safety. Our tools are not only the most accurate on the market, but last longer than any other. With a range of tools from ergonomic wrenches to low vibration power tools, we have the equipment to keep you protected and your projects moving, whether you’re manufacturing vehicles or building railways.


Tools for every job. The construction industry is varied, complex and constantly evolving – we get you need a torque tool range that meets the challenge. No matter where you’re working, on what level of complexity, we have the tool for the job.

Torque Tools for Transport Industry


The trusted choice for Wind Farms across the world. We’ve been supporting wind farms in Australia and overseas with the most accurate tools on the market since the beginning of the industry. Our tools are relied upon for extreme accuracy, reliability and ease of use across the whole life cycle of wind farms – from bolting and hydraulics used in construction, through specialist equipment for maintenance, to on-site calibration and tool servicing.

Military precision


We understand the need for military precision. In the defence industry, equipment failure is not an option. Regardless of your location, role or mission, your team, even entire populations, are relying on you to deliver seamlessly, every time. This means being supported by equipment that works, every single time.


We also service a wide variety of other industries from Aeronautical, to Utilities and Medical. To understand how we might work with your industry, speak to one of our Norbar experts: