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The biggest names across the world trust our tools to help minimise unscheduled shutdowns, shorten scheduled shutdowns and improve safety across all aspects of their operations.

Engineered for excellence both above and below ground, the accuracy of our tools contribute to the ongoing profitability of your operation, from securing the excavators breaking ground, to supporting the shipping of products offshore.

Solutions from first dig to final product

Our range of tools, specially engineered for the rigours of mining and refining, offer unmatched ease of use, adaptability and accuracy across any torque application.

Pneumatic tooling

Ensuring wheel bolting, track bolting and dozer wear plate bolting for mobile fleets.

Hydraulic equipment

Specifically designed for use in restricted height applications, our comprehensive range of Hydraulic Torque Wrenches offer a cost efficient option for a wide range of bolt tightening and break-out needs.

Static equipment.

Continuous and controllable low noise and vibration torque, with ultrasound accuracy for secure and safe bolting.


Our Technofast range of hydraulically operated bolt tensioners and bolt-tensioning equipment are lightweight, easy to use and guaranteed to assist in reducing maintenance shut down times. Lightweight, ultra-accurate and reliable, we offer bolt tensioners, hydraulic nuts and bolts, CamNuts and accessories that can be quickly and easily fitted using standard pumping equipment such as Hand Operated, Electric Hydraulic and Air Hydraulic Pumps.

On-site Services

Our team complete comprehensive on-site testing to eliminate bolt failure and leaks to minimise downtime, as well as provide accredited training, project management and technical consulting for improved results and better safety. 

Valve actuation

Rapid opening and closing of valves, matched with high torque for grinding caustic valve seat deposits.

Engineered to Order

For all applications requiring specialist needs not met with standard tools, such as deeply recessed wheel bolts.

Norbar in action

A customised solution for torquing Cat truck strut assembly bolts.

The problem

Cat equipment requires specific servicing tasks to keep it operational. The front suspension strut assemblies are under immense load during normal use and can fail catastrophically if the assembly bolts are inaccurately torqued, leading to unscheduled downtime and high repair costs. Typically, a surface or bolt adjacent to the bolt being tightened would serve as a reaction surface for applying torque – on the Cat 789, 793, 795 and 797 mining trucks, these methods are not viable due to physical constraints.

Engineering the solution

Our mechanical engineering team developed the SPL541 Reaction Arm to address the specific servicing requirements, featuring:

  • Interchangeable sockets
  • Socket lateral adjustment slot
  • Reversible socket

The results


Quicker servicing, with half the manpower required


Multi-size compatibility, allowing multi-use


OH&S risk reduction, from reduced crush/pinch points and strain


Reduced side-loads, removing costly tool damage

Download the case study for full features and technical details:

Popular products

A selection of common solutions our clients rely on time and time again.

Norbar Tool Test Rigs

Tool Test Rigs

PTS-80 series product Norbar

PTS-80 Series, 2700 N·m

Norbar EvoTorque Battery Tool - EBT

EvoTorque Battery Tool (EBT)

Why Norbar for Mining & Refining?


Engineered specifically for difficult and extreme applications


Utilises ultrasound for extreme accuracy and precision


Proven in all mining environments, above and below ground


Engineered specifically for difficult and extreme applications

Trusted by:


Mark, Field Maintenance Supervisor BHP

“These hydraulic nuts have allowed us to tension the rear safety ropes in 4-6hrs instead of 2-3shifts. Generally, the tensioning is left until a major shutdown, but with these new tensioners we are planning 12 monthly adjustments. They have saved us using the old style plates and cylinders, which only puts our people at risk by exposing them to many line of fire hazards.”