Norbar NHC/L Series Hydraulic Torque Wrench

In-line hydraulic torque wrenches are best suited for applications which are constrained by low height clearance. 

This state of the art Norbar NHC/L Series Hydraulic Torque Wrench design reduces the overall dimensions of the in-line ratcheting head allowing it to fit almost every application.

  • Lowest overall radial clearance – rail design allows for a very small radius on the interchangeable low profile heads.
  • In-line Ratchet Wrench – Standard head sizes from 19mm nuts across the flats. Metric and special sizes available.
  • Precision Machined – Increases accuracy, durability and repeatability and reduces surface damage to the nut.
  • Uni-Body – eliminates “pinch points”
  • Reaction Pad – A reaction pad built into the tool body allows the tool to react against the adjacent nut.
  • Multi-Axis Porting System – allows the swivel fittings to be manually repositioned using only commonplace hand tools.
  • Drive Pin Design –  This patented design reduces the overall dimensions of the Hex Link Cassette head, including a thinner “nose” radius. As a result the tool is able to fit more applications.
  • Cylinder – Made of durable, lightweight, high strength aircraft alloy with the same sturdy, dependable and accurate design (as a steel cylinder).
  • Cylinder Body and Link sold separately.

NHC-1 (NHC-1800) Hydraulic Cylinder – Link Tool
NHC-3 (NHC-4500) Hydraulic Cylinder – Link Tool
NHC-7 (NHC-9500) Hydraulic Cylinder – Link Tool
NHC-10 (NHC-14000) Hydraulic Cylinder – Link Tool
NHC-17 (NHC-23000) Hydraulic Cylinder – Link Tool
NHC-25 (NHC-35000) Hydraulic Cylinder – Link Tool
NHC-50 (NHC-65000) Hydraulic Cylinder – Link Tool

NHC-3 IRA In Line Reaction Arm