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Norbar Torque Wrench Loaders

Norbar’s range of Torque Wrench Loaders allow torque wrenches to be calibrated or tested in accordance with internationally recognised ISO standards. Their function is to harness the accuracy of Norbar’s torque measurement equipment thereby reducing operator induced variations in the calibration process.

Torque Wrench Loader – TWL 1500

  • Compatible with the majority of torque wrenches with a torque value between 1 to 1500 Nm.
  • Torque Wrench lengths from 145mm to 1500mm can be tested, dependant on the transducer used.
  • Compatible with a wide range of Flange Mounted, Pro-Test and Smart Torque Block transducers.
  • All fixtures, fastener kits and instructions are supplied for guaranteed flexibility and functionality.

ISO Torque Wrench Loader

  • The high ration, 1200:1 (ISO 3000, 1250:1) gearbox allows high torques to be applied, whilst ensuring that the operator does not exceed the rate of increase of torque specified in the standards.
  • Hassle free interchange of transducers using the Norbar Static Transducer System.
  • The ISO 1500 90 degree facility allow the performance of the torque wrenches to be tested in two planes. Many wrenches give different torque values according to their orientation in use.
  • Floating reaction point minimises side loads on wrench.
  • ISO 3000 reaction extension bar allows wrenches up to 2250 mm to be tested. This bar is a removable attachment. Wrenches up to 1045mm can be tested when the extension bar is not fitted.
  • Optional Small Reaction Plate allows torque wrenches down to 100mm in length (centre of square to centre of handle) to be tested.
  • Motorised version with speed control is available for the ISO 1500. This can be purchased as a kit to motorise an existing ISO or as a complete ISO 1500 Motorised Torque Wrench Tester.

60246 TWL 1500 Torque Wrench Loader

*Note: TWL 1500 comes with mounting blocks for FMT, Pro-Test

and STB (old style TWA) transducers.


60300 Loader with 90° rotation, ISO 1500 N m

60299 Longer Reaction Bar for obsolete version ISO 1500 (Part No.


60193 Motorised ISO 1500 N m

60194 Kit to motorise a 60118 or 60300 (ISO 1500)

20606 Reaction Plate for small Torque Wrenches

60237 Motorised Torque wrench loader Lead to TTT or TST

*Note: 60237 is required when converting a pre 2003 motorised loader

from ETS display to TTT or TST display system.

20505 Loader, ISO 3000 N m

20506 Motorised ISO 3000 N m