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NTS - Services

Norbar Technical Services work closely with Boltstress Ultrasonics to provide total bolting solutions. This includes using the latest technology, the right people and the best tooling in the business! Our system is primarily one of prevention and our end goal is to eliminate critical bolted joint failure, leaks, costly downtime, potential safety hazards and guess work.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Ultrasonic Bolt Tension Monitoring
    • Boltstress G5, Boltstress G6
    • Boltscope.sms / Boltscope 1 & Boltscope 2
    • Boltmike 1, Boltmike 2 & Boltmike 3
    • Raymond Bolt Gauge
    • Norbar USM-1, Norbar USM-2, Norbar USM-3
  • Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning
    • Hydratight Bolt Tensioners
    • TTS Bolt Tensioners
    • Hedley Purvis Bolt Tensioners
  • Hydrualic Torque Tightening
    • Hytorc, Torcup, Hydratight, Sweeney, Plarad, Christies, High Force etc
  • Hydraulic Nuts
    • Pilgrim Nuts for the Marine and Steel Industries
    • 33000psi systems where space is limiting
    • High Temperature Hydraulic Nuts in the Power Industry
  • Hydraulic Coupling Bolt Systems
    • Radial Fit Coupling Bolts
    • Pilgrim Morgrip Coupling Bolts
  • Structual joints on Ball, Rod and SAG Mills
  • Heat Exchangers and Pressure Vessels
  • Slew Ring Bearings
  • Valves
  • Turbines