Norbar Case Study

OneSteel Recycling Mobile Shear Bolt Torquing

Efficient and Safe torquing of Genesis Mobile Shear Blade assembly bolts.

OneSteel Recycling

OneSteel recycling specialises in the safe handling, collection and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal.

The Problem

Genesis Mobile Shears are used by OneSteel during the recycling process to cut scrap metal into smaller pieces.

When servicing the Mobile shears, the assembly bolts on the Tip, Cutting, and Guide Blades need to be replaced or re-torqued to the manufactures specification of up to 1847 Nm. Applying accurate torque to the bolts is important to prevent them from loosening and subsequently becoming damaged, as they are extremely expensive to replace.

In order to complete the torquing operation, a large heavy torque wrench with an extension bar was used to manually torque the bolts by hand. This was physically strenuous, leading to increased risk of strain or injury. This method was also very time consuming, inaccurate and potentially unsafe. It took several hours to remove and refit new shear blades using the manual bar method.

A tailored Norbar solution

Norbar completed an assessment of the task to identify specific problem areas. Then, a comprehensive Bolting Solution Proposal was developed to directly address each problem. With the right tools, the safety risks would be resolved, while also gaining significant benefits in user comfort and servicing times.

What Norbar proposed:


A reaction arm — engineered by Norbar to exactly fit the Genesis Mobile Shears.


A small torque wrench — a compact, light wrench that is easy to manipulate.


A multiplier — to achieve the specified torque requirement of 1847 Nm.

The engineered-to-order reaction arm allows for a safe and easy reaction against the jaws of the mobile shears.

Image: A Norbar torque professional wrench with HandTorque multiplier and SPL474 reaction arm on the mobile shear tip bolts.

The Outcome

The shear bolts can now be accurately torqued with ease to the manufacturer’s specifications. The new method a is faster, safer, and more accurate process to run up the nut and confirm the torque achieved.

Custom solution — Norbar designed the SPL474 reaction arm to exactly fit the application. When used in conjunction with the Norbar Pro Torque Wrench and HandTorque Multiplier, it provides high torque forces with minimal strain to the technician.

Significantly decreased servicing time — The multiplier reduces the manual force and action required to torque the many assembly bolts, streamlining the operation significantly.

Accurate — The multiplier is supplied with its own unique calibration certificate allowing for the accurate calculation of input torque for critical applications. Accuracy of better than ±4%, guaranteed.

Maximum torque, minimum effort — The HandTorque Multiplier has a ratio of 27:1. This means that the small wrench only needs to be set to 68 Nm to achieve the maximum required torque of 1847 Nm.

The Multiplier also features an Anti Wind-up ratchet that contains the forces generated during tightening, making the release easier and safer.

Precision Torquing

Engineered to Order

Decreased Servicing Time

OH&S Risk Reduction

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