Norbar products.

We either have the tool you need or can make the tool you need. Can’t find what you’re after? Call us and our team will help.

Hand Torque Tools

Easy to use, faster, safer and comfortable to hold.

Powered Torque Equipment

With Joint Sensing™ technology for added accuracy.

Tensioning Equipment

Hydraulically operated, lightweight and easy to use.

Torque Measurement

Covering a huge torque range from 0.04 N·m to 100,000 N·m.

Specialty Tools

Specialist and bespoke tools engineered for your requirements.

Norbar Hand Torque Tools

We offer a huge range of high quality precision torque wrenches, screwdrivers and multipliers to suit almost every application.

Our hand torque tools are faster, safer and more accurate than any other on the market, able to achieve torque values from 1.0 N·m to 2000 N·m.

For those applications requiring flexibility, and which allow for interchangeable end fittings, we also stock a range of torque handles in various models up to 650 N·m.

All our torque wrenches are guaranteed against faulty workmanship and materials for 12 months after purchase.

Norbar Powered Torque Equipment

We offer a range of battery powered, pneumatic and electronic powered torque tools and torque multipliers up to 300,000 N·m.

Our team have engineered our powered torque tools for extreme accuracy and ease of use, with smart systems like Intelligent Joint Sensing technology, torque transducers and data and memory transfer capabilities giving you extra confidence in your work.

Offering quiet, no impact, low vibration action, our powered torque equipment will save you a considerable amount of time, reducing fatigue and consequently increasing safety.

Norbar Tensioning Equipment

Our range of precision engineered hydraulic bolt tensioners and tensioning equipment are guaranteed to assist in reducing maintenance and shutdown times.

Lightweight, ultra-accurate and reliable, we offer bolt tensioners, hydraulic nuts and bolts, CamNuts and accessories that can be quickly and easily fitted using standard pumping equipment such as Hand Operated, Electric Hydraulic and Air Hydraulic Pumps.

Each item brings a cost effective and efficient solution in a compact system which is simple, safe and easy to use.

Norbar Torque Measurement

The Norbar name has long been synonymous with quality torque measuring equipment.

We offer a comprehensive range, from the tried and true, simple to use, cost effective TruCheck through to the technologically advanced T-Box XL and TDMS software, which provides the complete solution for torque tool calibration, data logging and data management.

In between are solutions to meet a huge variety of requirements, from our extensive range of Transducers to Harsh Environment instruments and ultrasonic bolt stress monitors.

Norbar Specialty Equipment

When the application demands an extraordinary tool our highly skilled in-house engineering team will work with you to design and manufacture to meet your specifications.

As an ISO 9001 accredited company, our highly skilled in-house Engineering Team will undertake the design and manufacture of special equipment in accordance with your agreed specifications.

These projects range from modified torque wrench end fittings to complete torque and angle control of valve testing kits. You can view a selection of our custom specialty tools below:

Download our complete Norbar catalogue: