Powered Torque Equipment

We offer a range of battery powered, pneumatic and electronic powered torque tools and torque multipliers up to 300,000Nm.

Our team have engineered our powered torque tools for extreme accuracy and ease of use, with smart systems like Intelligent Joint Sensing technology, torque transducers and data and memory transfer capabilities giving you extra confidence in your work.

Offering quiet, no impact, low vibration action, our powered torque equipment will save you a considerable amount of time, reducing fatigue and consequently increasing safety.

powered torque tool in action
Battery torque gun

Battery Torque Tools

The EvoTorque® Battery Tool (EBT) features a new brushless motor, data memory and data transfer capabilities. Combined with our respected gearboxes, they deliver a range of fast and reliable battery torque tools that use unique intelligent joint sensing technology to consistently achieve highly accurate results of +-3% of setting. Available in Single and Auto Two Speed 1350Nm, 2700Nm & 4000Nm gearboxes.

corded torque gun

Corded Torque Tools

Utilising patented motor technology, the EvoTorque Powered Torque Multiplier is the most accurate, durable, user friendly Electronic Torque Wrench ever. Offering unprecedented joint control, EvoTorque utilises intelligent joint sensing technology to recognise exactly which type of bolt you are working with and respond accordingly.

Norbar Pneumatic Torque Gun

Pneumatic Torque Tools

PneuTorque allows for quiet operation with absolutely no impacting to reduce fatigue and therefore increase safety. Using air pressure to control torque, PneuTorque provides unmatched accuracy to within ±5%, which can be improved to ±2% with electronic shut off. For more critical applications, PneuTorques can be fitted with a torque transducer and the precise torque output displayed. Models are available up to 300,000 N·m (220,000 lbf·ft).

Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Hydraulic Wrenches

Specifically designed for use in restricted height applications, our comprehensive range of Hydraulic Torque Wrenches offer a cost efficient option for a wide range of bolt tightening and break-out needs. All our hydraulic torque and ratcheting wrenches are mechanically and function tested and calibrated before leaving our factory to provide you with extreme accuracy from the first use.

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