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Accurate pneumatic torque tools

PneuTorque allows for quiet operation with absolutely no impacting to reduce fatigue and therefore increase safety. Using air pressure to control torque, PneuTorque provides unmatched accuracy to within ±5%, which can be improved to ±2% with electronic shut off. For more critical applications, PneuTorques can be fitted with a torque transducer and the precise torque output displayed. Models are available up to 300,000 N·m (220,000 lbf·ft).

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Maximum lbf·ft

Part number: 180250.B08
Part number: 180249.B12
Part number: 180248.B12
Part number: 180246.B08
Part number: 180245.B08
Part number: 180244.B08
Part number: 180243.B06
Part number: 180242.B06
Part number: 180241.B06
Part number: 18090.MTS
Part number: 18089.MTS
Part number: 18088.MTS

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