Specialty Equipment

For applications that demand extraordinary tools, Norbar has aligned itself with other premium brands to complement our existing range of torque equipment and services.

Each tool we recommend stands up to the same rigorous testing and standard of quality we demand of Norbar tools and covers everything from specialised underground approved equipment to alternative methods of achieving torque and tension, including:


  • Huck tooling – Specialised bolt and swaging tool system. Tool and Consumable sales, repairs and service.
  • Spitznas tools – Certified specialist pneumatic equipment for underground use. Sales, repairs and service.
  • Ultrasonic test equipment – Highly accurate fastener tension measurement equipment and support services.
  • CTM – Cordless torque Multipliers for valve and sluice operation. Sales, repairs and service.
  • Fastorq – Specialised hydraulic and manual torque and tensioning equipment. Hydraulic pipe tongs, Nut splitters, Flange spreaders and Backing spanners.
  • Sioux products – Impact wrenches from 3/8” to 1” Sq Dr. Lightweight and durable. Sales repairs and service.
  • Dial wrenches – Repairs and service of the Gedore (formally Torqueleader) dial indicating wrenches.
  • Impact Sockets and Flogging spanners – A full range of torque rated and stand or deep impact sockets and accessories.
  • HTL/Enerpac – Norbar supports and sells HTL and Enerpac products where requested.