Torque Measurement

The Norbar name has long been synonymous with quality torque measuring equipment.  We offer a comprehensive range, from the tried and true, simple to use, cost effective TruCheck through to the technologically advanced T-Box XL and TDMS software, which provides the complete solution for torque tool calibration, data logging and data management.  In between are solutions to meet a huge variety of requirements, from our extensive range of Transducers to Harsh Environment instruments and ultrasonic bolt stress monitors.
Torque Measuring Equipment
Torque Verification Tools


Many industries are moving to self-examination of their onsite torquing equipment between annual calibrations. Norbar offers a range of simple onsite solutions that will allow operators to quickly and accurately verify the output of their equipment.
Torque Calibration Tools


Norbar provides easy to use software that allows data from a Norbar torque measuring instrument to be downloaded onto a PC and formatted as a torque calibration certificate. Norbar is the world’s leading supplier of torque measurement equipment.