Norbar services

We help make your operation safer and more efficient with a range of repair, calibration, training and engineering services.

Tool Lifecycle Management

We service and calibrate from 5 state-of-the-art workshops across Australia and NZ, including our NATA accredited laboratory for advanced torque control. Our in-house team of specialised technicians are trained to the highest standard in both repair and calibration of all torque equipment, across most brands and models.

Engineered to Order

When the application demands an extraordinary tool our highly skilled in-house engineering team will work with you to design and manufacture or adapt to meet your specifications. 

On-site Services

Our tools do their work at the coalface; so do we. Our team complete comprehensive on-site testing to eliminate bolt failure and leaks before they lead to extremely costly downtime, as well as provide accredited training, project management and technical consulting for improved efficiency and better safety.

What we offer our clients

25% more accuracy – guaranteed.

All our tools are guaranteed to be at least 25% more accurate than your industry standard, making ours the safest tools on the market.

Data backed solutions.

Our tools come with in-built data capture, reporting and Bluetooth transfer so you know you’re compliant, in real-time.

The widest range.

Our tools cover every size requirement, from 0.1 N·m dental implants to 350k N·m ship propellers and custom requirements.

On-site accuracy.

We provide testing, consultancy & training from expert technicians to make sure every tool we supply is working for your team.