Norbar Case Study

SPL508 Reaction Plate for Komatsu Dump Truck 930E

Safely accessing and torquing deeply recessed rear wheel bolts.

Komatsu® Mining Trucks

Komatsu is recognised as a world leader in the development of state-of-the-art technology for earthmoving, surface and underground mining, quarrying and construction.

Komatsu’s dump truck range incorporates articulated dump trucks for construction and quarry applications, along with rigid frame quarry and mining haul units able to meet the needs of Australia’s largest mine site operations.

Komatsu have a comprehensive range of mining equipment including the 930E Dump Truck, which is one of the top-selling haul truck models globally, and is considered to be the flagship of the Komatsu haul truck product line.

Deeply Recessed Tyre Bolts

The rear wheel bolts on the Komatsu 930E dump truck are very deeply set, making access to them by regular means nearly impossible. In order to perform bolting operations, a specialised tool is required to reach the bolts.

It is important that wheel bolting be undertaken with care to help mitigate typical safety risks. This has led to the development of numerous different mechanical solutions.

One such solution is a bulky nose-extension or inner-hub extension that weighs approximately 50 kg. This means that additional mechanical support is required (such as a jack or trolley) for manoeuvring the extension onto each bolt.

Norbar offers additional solutions, however the specially developed SPL508 reaction plate is a lightweight option weighing only 15 kg — approximately 70% lighter than an equivalent nose-extension type solution.

Norbar Case Study | Komatsu 930E dump truck

Image: The Komatsu 930E dump truck.

SPL508 reaction plate

Image: The deep-set wheel bolts between the hub and rim are reached with the use of a specialised tool. The SPL508 reaction plate neatly locates the drive extension and provides support against the offset wheel rim and hub.

Image: The Norbar PneuTorque PTS attached to a support line to reduce the need for physical effort, and to improve manoeuvrability.

An Engineered Solution

The Norbar mechanical engineering team developed the SPL508 reaction plate to address the specific servicing requirements and physical configuration of the Komatsu 930E rear wheel bolts.

When used in combination with a Norbar PTS or PTM Pneumatic torque multiplier, the technician can comfortably and safely move from one bolt to the next without the need for an expensive and bulky support mechanism such as a jack or trolley.

In operation, the reaction plate mounts onto the Norbar PTS /PTM via a spline. A drive extension is then connected to the square drive on the tool, and a drive socket is connected to the extension shaft. This assembly then inserts easily between the wheel rim and hub. The curved underside of the reaction plate rests firmly on the rim whilst the twin pegs at the top of the plate react comfortably against the wheel motor hub to provide a sturdy and safe reaction point.

The Outcome

  • Safe — Hands are completely clear of all moving parts when the reaction plate is correctly fitted against the hub and rim. The PTS / PTM are low-vibration compared to the previously used rattle gun. This reduces the chance of injury to tendons, muscles, bones, joints and the nervous system as a result of prolonged tool operation.
  • Lightweight — Requires less physical effort than other methods. The PTS / PTM and SPL508 combination can be used without any form of mechanical support. A support line can be used to further reduce effort and task time.
  • Custom engineered — The custom engineered reaction plate is optimised for the specific vehicle and bolting task, providing benefits beyond other one-size-fits-all solutions.
PneuTorque PTS Multiplier with attached reaction plate

Custom Engineered

Lightweight Solution

Safe and Ergonomic

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