Norbar Case Study

Sulzon Wind Turbine Base Tensioning Down Motor Bolts Original Set-Up

CS-23 Wind Power Application

Original Set-Up

Jacking cylinders with a plate used to tension bolts on base plates of Wind Turbines.

Issues Experienced

A number of issues were experienced with this method including:

  • Time consuming
  • Tight fitment of tools
  • Torque can be used due to torsional stresses

Product Used: Custom Designed B3S EziJac

Benefits include:

  • Easy installation and handling
  • Precise bolt loads obtainable
  • Local support and training available for tooling

Installation Time

Old Method = 24 hours (5-6 personnel)
New Method = 6 hours (3-4 personel)
Time Saving = 18 hours


“Using EziJacs around the base meant that we could tension multiple bolts at once which saved a lot of time. We are also able to get an accurate bolt load, which previously we have not been able to achieve.”
Maintenance Supervisor

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