Norbar Case Study

T 46 Locomotive Cordless Baring Tool


Norbar was approached by a rail maintenance facility at Nebo to develop a method of barring engines of GT46 Locomotives in the field.

Currently, this company uses a hand torque multiplier mounted to a specially designed frame bolted to the baring point of the engine. A right-angle air ratchet is used to turn the hand torque multiplier which in-turns bars the engine over for inspection.

Even though this method is fine in a workshop setting it has made difficult in the field due to access to compressed air. Historically, torque wrenches have been used to bar engines over in the field. However, the task is pain-stakingly slow and requires extra physical exertion.

General features and benefits of products:

  • Accurate torque load.
  • Reduced manual handling.
  • Faster operation.
Qantas & Norbar - ETO reaction plate
Qantas & Norbar - ETO reaction plate

Solution presented by Norbar

ETO-52-800 Norbar

The Outcome: The implemented solution provides the following results:

Reduced Set-up Time

Improved Safety

More accurate control while baring the engine.

Accuracy Icon

Improved Accuracy

The tool is now 2% more accurate.

Save Money Icon

Saved Customer Money

By removing the need of trucks with air compressors.

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