Norbar Case Study

Terex Jaques G35DA236 Crusher Mantle Nut

Saving time and improving safety with a hydraulic head nut

Original Set-Up

Standard mantle nut supplied with machine which was tightened with large flogging spanner. Removal was via oxy cutting the burn ring below the nut to release the pressure.

Issues Experienced

A number of issues were experienced with this method including: 

  • No control of bolt load
  • Use of large hammers and flogging spanner dangerous
  • Cutting of burn ring is hazardous and requires replacement after each use
  • Physically demanding

Product Used: Hydraulic Head Nut

Benefits include:

  • Easy installation and handling
  • Removed the need for flogging spanner
  • Burn ring no longer required although used for mounting purposes
  • Sacrificial cover provided (one complete piece)
  • Minimal physical effort required

Installation Time

Old Method = 3-4 hours (2-3 personnel)
New Method = 30 minutes (2 personnel)
Time Saving = 2 hour and 30 minutes


Fully customised Offset Drive info graphic

OH&S Risk Reduction

Time Saving

Labour Reduction

Reduced Shutdown Time

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