Terms and Conditions

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‘NORBAR’ means Norbar Torque Tools Pty Ltd trading as and Norbar Technical Services.

‘CUSTOMER’ means the customer identified in the Application for Credit.

‘CONTRACT’ means all contracts entered into between ‘NORBAR’ and the ‘CUSTOMER’.

‘GOODS’ means the goods the subject of the Contract.

‘GUARANTEED LIABILITY’ means all amounts whether in respect of past, current or future debts which at any time for any reason or circumstances are payable, are owing but are not currently payable, are contingently owing or remaining unpaid or are owing at the time of the guarantor entering this agreement (or which are reasonably foreseeable as likely, after that time, to fall within any of those categories) by the Customer to Norbar in connection with the conditions of sale herein or any transaction contemplated by it, whether at law, in equity under statute or otherwise.

‘GUARANTOR’ means the person described herein and shall include his successors, personal representatives and permitted assigns and, if more than one, their respective successors, personal representatives and permitted assigns.