T-Box™ 2

Part number: 43542

T-Box™ 2

The T-Box™ 2 utilises its powerful processor to provide a seamless and complete torque data collection package. This is capable of tool calibrations, data logging, simultaneous transducer connections and archiving to your PC. The T-Box™ 2 has a 10.1" multi-touch screen display with on-screen graphic icons for simple and easy tool navigation and selection, and is user configurable to allow a selection of torque, torque and angle, rate targets and the ability to set thresholds.

Technical information:

Range: T-Box™ 2
Drive Type: N/A
Drive Size: N/A
Adjustable or Preset: Adjustable
N·m Range: N/A-
lbf·ft Range: N/A-
lbf·in Range: N/A-
Accuracy: N/A

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