Torque Screwdriver Tester, TST 2 – Series 2

Part number: 43212

Torque Screwdriver Tester, TST 2 – Series 2

The Torque Screwdriver Tester (TST) combines simplicity with up to date technology to provide a high quality instrument for the testing and calibration of low capacity torque tools. Featuring an internal transducer complete with Rundown Fixture, the TST is available in 3 torque ranges, 0.04 to 2 N·m, 0.5 to 10 N·m and 1.25 to 25 N·m, and has a system accuracy over its Primary range (±0.5% of reading from 20% to 100% of full scale). What makes the TST genuinely versatile is the interface for an external transducer. This interface, accessed by a 2 way switch in the TST, allows the connection of any transducer from Norbar's "SMART" range and most mV/V calibrated transducers from Norbar or other manufacturers. The Series 2 products bring a number of enhancements over the original versions. Most importantly, the increase in display resolution results in a significantly improved instrument accuracy. True analog output and continuous RS 232 makes the instrument suitable for a wide range of process control and monitoring applications.

Technical information:

Range: TST - Series 2
Drive Type: Hex
Drive Size: 1/4"
Adjustable or Preset: Adjustable
N·m Range: 0.04-
lbf·ft Range: N/A-
lbf·in Range: 0.35-
Accuracy: ±0.5%

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