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Should I buy torque wrenches from Bunnings?

March 4, 2022
norbar torque wrench

There are a lot of things Bunnings do exceptionally well – tip of the hat to sausages, wide-brimmed hats and cheapish everything – but professional torque wrenches are just not one of them. What you’ll find on their shelves are some pretty handy backyard torque equipment that will most likely suffice for household maintenance and the cases where it’s okay for accuracy to be ‘near enough is good enough’ (a sweeping application for most home DIY-ers), but for any professional application this simply won’t do. 

So before saving some bucks on inferior torque equipment, take a moment to compare the Bunnings Torque Wrench range with the Norbar range and decide for yourself which one should come out on top in the short and long term.

Norbar Torque equipment versus the Bunning Torque Wrench range.


Consider the scope of the range itself.

Not all torque tools are equal. Norbar has the widest range of torque equipment on the market, covering every size requirement from 0.1Nm dental implants to 350,000N.m ship propellers. So while the torque tool you pick off the shelf from Bunnings might look like it’ll do the job, chances are Norbar has a specially designed tool that will not only do it more efficiently, but make your life a heck of a lot easier. We also stock a range of torque handles in various models up to 650N.m. Which brings us to the next point…

Which tool will last the test of time?

Buy your torque wrench from Bunnings and you’ll undoubtedly have enough left over in your pocket to chuck in some barbeque accessories. But this short term saving is unlikely to pan out over the long haul. Norbar torque wrenches are designed tough to last the distance. With correct calibration, and some simple care, our tools maintain accuracy for years – likely long after your Bunnings torque wrench has been shelved right next to those bbq accessories you never used.

Consider how important accuracy is.

If you are planning on using your torque wrench for any kind of professional application then accuracy matters. Norbar torque wrenches are the most accurate torque wrench on the market, with our powered range delivered +/-3% accuracy where the closest competition manages only +/-5%. This not only improves the performance of your equipment, but will reduce wear and tear and maintenance requirements – which add up to big cost savings in the long run. 

Let’s not forget to consider safety.

A cheaper torque wrench typically has a lower range of use, meaning it may require more physical effort to use, or may need you to enter confined spaces or bang it with a hammer to get it working. None of these practices are safe, which is why choosing a Norbar professional torque wrench is the right decision. Our tools are lightweight, easy to use and offer a range of extension pieces to make access anywhere simple. Upgrade to our powered torque range and the Intelligent Joint-Sensing Technology will save you a considerable amount of time, reducing fatigue and consequently increasing safety.

Norbar torque wrenches come with a handy guarantee.

All our torque wrenches are guaranteed against faulty workmanship and materials for 12 months after purchase. That gives you a lot more peace of mind than trying to dig up an old receipt and wrestling with the team at Bunnings. If you want an idea of what we’re talking about, take a moment to read some of the reviews from Bunnings range of torque wrenches. We reckon they’ll do a better job of convincing you than we can!

norbar torque wrench